I am an EMDR UK Accredited practitioner.

The effects of trauma can last a life time.  We may have a clear memory or almost none of the traumatic event but the overwhelming feelings of terror, loneliness and panic that we experienced at the time may still regularly swamp us.  The constant presence of these powerful emotions can prevent us from leading healthy lives by reducing our ability to solve problems and develop relationships in the present; they can also be a significant underlying cause of addiction.

EMDR is a non-invasive therapy that can work directly on the brain where these old responses have been stuck.  It connects different parts of the brain, allowing the processing of these emotions. After successful EMDR events may be recalled but without the painful feelings.

I start EMDR with some preparation sessions where we get to know each other, explore your history and the events you want to work on.  We will also do some resourcing to provide you with different ways of managing your feelings.  Only when we are both confident that it is safe to do so, will we work directly on the trauma.

There is a significant body of evidence that proves EMDR’s effectiveness and the NHS use it as a treatment for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).