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Counselling is a way of uncovering your own meanings and answers to the troubles and difficulties you face. The inner world can cause as much pain as the physical and when you are in emotional pain, talking in the presence of a compassionate counsellor can bring relief and understanding.

With counselling I offer you a relationship based on kindness, understanding and authenticity.  With this as the foundation of our work, you can find the courage to look inside yourself.  Together we can explore old beliefs and expectations that may still be causing you anxiety, shame or unhappiness.  They may be preventing you from getting on with your life and relationships.  We can consider if they are as true as you think and, if not, what stops you shaking them off so that you can take on more realistic beliefs to help you grow.

Counselling can help you come to terms with difference, for example if you identify as LGBTQ+. Through our work you can learn to accept and value your difference as a core part of who you are, using the wisdom it contains to guide your decisons. This will bring your lived life increasingly in line with your core being.

I have been working for many years as a counsellor with particular experience of clients with relationship problems, as well as those in recovery from addiction and struggling to stay abstinent.  Your difficulties today may be responses to trauma. Anxiety, fear and disturbing memories can be symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Counselling offers a way of managing the distress and pain, giving you the space to focus on developing and enjoying healthier relationships.

I also work with clients who were sent away to boarding school.  Our work can heal the wounds that often remain, even decades after leaving school.

I suggest an initial session in which we can talk about what has brought you to counselling.  I usually offer a weekly meeting of 50 minutes, initially for 6 weeks, before we review how far we have come and in which direction we want to head.

I am a Registered Counsellor and an Accredited Member of BACP.