I am accredited both as a Counsellor and EMDR Psychotherapist.  These therapies can bring calm, understanding and peace to replace the pain, anxiety and disturbance that you may be feeling now. These feelings may come from woundings experienced from within relationships or from traumas like an attack or a car accident.  Wherever they stem from, they won’t fade on their own.  The work we can do can bring peace to the past and prepare you for a better future.

The threat and uncertainties from Covid 19 have affected us all.  The risk to our livelihoods and of serious illness, death even, can make us stressed and full of fear for ourselves and those we love. Both counselling and EMDR can help bring understanding to our responses and from that, can come peace of mind.

There are many other reasons why you may be considering therapy, including experiences of abuse, needing to make a difficult decision, coming to terms with change and the challenge that getting older presents. 

As a person-centred counsellor accredited by the BACP, an EMDR UK accredited practitioner and a qualified counselling supervisor, I offer a safe space, a compassionate presence and the experience that comes with many years of counselling practice.

Counselling and EMDR are non-invasive talking therapies that can bring calm and understanding to the challenges that life throws at us.

In my practice I’m continuing to see cleints on the phone and online, using Zoom.  I find that the work can be equally as safe, effective and relational meeting in this way. 

Contact me if you want to experience one of these therapies as a way of bringing your life back on track.